Ànima Adventurous

GPS is not for you.

Change is your natural state, and your search engine is always full of new possibilities to explore. You can’t sit still, and whatever anyone says, they will never find you on the sofa.

There is nothing more exciting that starting a project without a return IP address, because the best part of the trip for you is everything you find on the way.

No coding or encryption has been invented that could stop your will power or put out the gleam in your eyes when you talk about all everything you want to achieve.

From the school of thought of Jep and Fidel and Massagran, you need no excuse to take the plunge and look for your own free software.

Only an adventurous soul could imagine that we would be able to touch the sky with a human tower. And then be able to watch on a loop on the cloud.

Favorite quote
“My grandpa when to Cuba on board the Català.”

Other adventurous souls
Maria Pepa Colomer was, at the age of just eighteen, the first female Catalan pilot. At the age of twenty-three, amidst the Spanish Civil War, she dropped anti-fascist leaflets from the skies.
Facund Bacardí also went to Cuba in the 19th century, where he created the famous rum that still carries his name.
Kilian Jornet, among many other achievements, climbed Everest twice in one week along, with no oxygen or climbing ropes.