Ànima Curious

There are more questions in your head than there are websites on the Internet.

You are the first to put your hand up and the last to put it down, whether at school, at the neighborhood meeting or in the WhatsApp group. You want to learn from everything and know more about everything. And everything, in your case, means everything.

When you were little, the encyclopedia and the dictionary were your best allies, and nowadays you can’t do without Viquipèdia.

The world is full of accounts to follow and you don’t want to miss a single one. On your trips around the world of knowledge, you’ve learned that a good question is worth more than a thousand bad answers, and that every blog entry matters.

If they say getting old means losing your inquisitiveness for the things around you, you have doubtlessly discovered the formula for eternal youth, because there is no hashtag that doesn’t attract your most fervent interest.

Wanting to know more about one’s own language and history meant that the Renaixença, one of our most important cultural and artistic movements, was born from curious souls like yours. And the inquisitiveness to continue progressing has now meant that the book has been reborn with its arrival into the digital world.

Favorite quote
“Small changes have large consequences.”

Other inquisitve souls
Jaume Ferran i Clua created the first vaccine for cholera and, while he was at it, he later produced new vaccines for rabies, TB and typhoid.
Pompeu Fabra had so many questions about our language that he wrote the General dictionary of the Catalan language and established the rules of modern Catalan in order to solve them.
Joana Biarnés was the first female Catalan and Spanish photojournalist in history to take portraits of world icons such as Audrey Hepburn, Jackie Kennedy, and the Beatles.