Ànima Innovative

You don’t predict the future, you program it.

For you, any problem has a solution. And any solution has an update. Or two. Or three. Or however many you need! Because perfection doesn’t exist, and the path to it is the most exciting of all.

The past is a test bench, and the present is the step required to reach a future full of possibilities. A future that is in your head today and that tomorrow you will type out in full.

You’re desperate for new projects to get your excited and give the best of yourself. You know that limits are to be crossed and that success comes to those outside their comfort zone and near the WiFi zone.

You’re not afraid of what others will say, because the only voice you listen to is that of your future you, which encourages you to go where no-one has gone before and to explore platforms yet to be discovered.

People like you are innovative souls who make us progress as a society, who open the path to tomorrow and who provide great inventions for happiness, such as the Catalan cream or, better still, the Catalan network.

Favorite quote
“Everything is yet to be done and everything is possible.”

Other innovative souls
Ramon Llull predicted computers quite a number of years before Steve Jobs ate his first apple. In the 13th century!
Narcís Monturiol was one of the pioneers of world submarine navigation, and the inventor for the first steam-powered submarine.
Rosalía created a new musical genre with her blend of flamenco, trap and pop. Tra, tra!