Ànima Creative

You turn your life into a great work of transmedia.

Where some just see apples on the table, you find the perfect still life composition for Instagram. Where some shelter from thunder, you listen to the drums of the largest symphonies on MP3. Nothing escapes your inspiration because you are well aware that everything is art if you look at the world around you with the right filter.

Whatever you do, above all you need to express yourself, and see yourself truly represented in all the avatars of your digital life.

Your favorite omelettes aren’t made of potatoes but of your dreams, and the only power you are interested in is that of the imagination expressed as a tweet.

More impulsive than level-headed, the greatest and most viral projects you can imagine come from your creativeness.

The inspiration of creative souls like yours is the source of the unimaginable architectures of Catalan modernism. Your brain is La Pedrera of the impossible.

Favorite quote
“The sun could rise any night.”

Other creative souls
Antoni Gaudí created fantasy buildings never seen before then. They are now in all the photo albums of the Japanese families to have visited them.
Mercè Rodoreda wrote In Diamond Square and other masterpieces of literature, making her the most popular and widely translated female Catalan author in the world.
Ferran Adrià deconstructed modern cuisine and made us all learn how to say “spherification”.