Ànima Enthusiastic

Impossible is the only world that’s not in your on-line dictionary.

An expert in turning dreams into apps, you never have too much work to stop you taking on an exciting new project.

Your schedule is on fire, your mobile phone never stops vibrating, and it’s said that they’ve had to create a specific data center for you just to save all the e-mails you receive every day.

You are a team player, a specialist in sharing power and making sure everyone works as a team in the social media.

With boundless energy and dopamine, you always answer in the same way to doubts and fears: “Carpe Internet!”

Every 23rd April, millions of people fill the streets looking for the best rose and the best book. Without a doubt, the attitude to life of enthusiastic souls like yours is contagious. And this mass contagion doesn’t lead to any lockdowns, in fact just the opposite: optimism and group success.

Favorite quote
“The more the merrier.”

Other enthusiastic souls
Montserrat Caballé received a standing ovation from all the opera theatres in the world with her legendary soprano voice and her endless energy.
Tortell Poltrona turned laughing into an art form, and with Clowns without Borders he has taken the fun of the circus to the corners of the world where they have fewer reasons to laugh.
Marc Márquez is not only the fastest man in the world on two wheels. He is also the most enthusiastic. On two wheels and on firm ground.